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Transportation & Infrastructure Advocacy

Guiding Principle: Our state must invest in our infrastructure if we’re to expand our location advantage. We also urge communities across the Upstate to support regional efforts to plan for our future transportation needs.

2017 Agenda Items: 

  • Gas tax: We support increasing the gas tax by 10 to 12 cents to provide a substantial, sustainable, and recurring funding source so DOT can work on the more than 85 percent of state roads rated “fair” or “poor.” We also call for the gas tax to be indexed for inflation, to ensure the buying power of the tax revenue keeps up with road building costs.
  • Capital projects: We support the General Assembly giving municipalities the ability to enact capital projects sales taxes by referendum.

The Greenville Chamber believes that a safe and well maintained infrastructure is essential to a thriving and growing economy. With Greenville uniquely positioned along the Interstate 85 corridor between Charlotte, NC and Atlanta, GA, our upstate industries rely heavily on our infrastructure system to get their goods to market.

South Carolina has the 4th largest state-maintained road system in the country, while also having the lowest per-mile road funding in the nation. Approximately 1/3 of our primary or federal roads and ½ of our secondary roads have been deemed in “poor” or “mediocre” condition, while the SCDOT estimates over a billion dollars would be needed to bring our roads up to a passable condition.

The Greenville Chamber supports passing long-term, sustainable transportation funding to fix our crumbling roads and bridges and to expand economic corridors. 

Transportation & Infrastructure Issue Briefing


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