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LaunchGVL: Kritika Ravichandler's Summer at the Chamber

Posted by: Kritika Ravichandler on Monday, November 30, -1

My time at the Greenville Chamber would have to be one of the best, if not the best time of my life. It certainly was the best experience and environment that I’ve ever worked in. That’s not to say that it was easy, because I was certainly given a challenge. My supervisors worked in both Leadership Development and Economic Competitiveness, and I worked on extensive research projects to help them improve their departments throughout the entire summer. On top of that, I worked on data, writing, and other minor projects for them. I also helped other departments with small tasks as much as I could. I think the biggest challenge was juggling the multitude and variety of different tasks from all the different departments, but that was also the most rewarding part for me. One of my favorite memories was analyzing a spreadsheet with over 1000 rows for the Sales Department, and being able to finish it for them in a couple of days. The feeling of being able to contribute to the Chamber by getting my work done and doing my part was fulfilling. I really felt like I got an opportunity to help the organization. I also got to attend a meeting with the Rotary Club as a guest of one of their members after that, and it was an enlightening as well as intriguing experience.  Overall, all of those tasks certainly helped me hone skills required to execute them, as well as develop my work ethic and time management skills. Another satisfying part about interning here was being able to meet and connect with all the members at the Chamber, as network with major business leaders throughout the community. All of the experiences and projects that I learned about while at the Chamber were some of the most innovative things I’ve heard of, and I feel lucky to be in Greenville to experience the rewards of what they’re doing. Businesses that enter the LaunchGVL program will have an extra hand to get more work done, and they will also be preparing people like me to enter Greenville’s workforce and help improve the community. For me personally, I feel more like a professional; my career in the future will certainly be advanced with all my new skills and connections. I will forever be grateful for the Greenville Chamber for giving me this opportunity, and changing me as a person for the better. Thank you.



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