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Posted by: Luanne Runge on Thursday, August 8, 2013
Welcome to the Greenville Chamber's Blog! As Chair of the Greenville Chamber’s Board of Directors for 2013, I am excited to be part of launching this blog and am glad you’ve landed here. As with all meaningful enterprises, this blog has a mission -- to communicate the cool things the Chamber is doing to build one of the premier business communities (the Chamber’s Vision, by the way). We’ll highlight special events and activities --as well as the more routine ones --so you’ll know more about the Chamber’s contributions and how it benefits our community, our businesses, and our future. So, in our initial post in the blogosphere, it seems fitting to address the question: Just how do you build one of the premier business communities in the world?
  • Lead through collaboration. The Chamber connects our investors – large and small – through a variety of initiatives designed to promote connectivity and business. We engage with strategic partners locally, regionally and throughout South Carolina to advance entrepreneurship, workforce, education and public policy. We are driven by our commitment to be Greenville’s unifying institution of collaboration, knowing that working together towards common goals benefits everyone.
  • Build community prosperity. The Chamber focuses on nurturing existing business and fostering an innovative business environment. Growing healthy and diverse business communities today yields a strong economy tomorrow.
  • Serve as the voice of business. The Chamber influences vital business, education and legislative issues through registered lobbyists, political action committees and regional coalitions while also providing grassroots opportunities for investors. The right soil conditions are the foundation for any prosperous business environment.
  • Enhance the quality of life. The Chamber mobilizes its resources to positively impact education, workforce and other key elements of our community. The quality of life we enjoy attracts businesses and people outside Greenville and provides staying power for the rest of us who already know what a fantastic community we have.
  • Maintain organizational excellence. The Chamber empowers its employees and maximizes its resources as it sustains an innovative organization aligned with our vision. Having a strong organization allows us to advocate, foster and grow business.
Future posts will also keep you in the loop on the progress we make as we work towards achieving our vision.  As we post, we welcome your feedback and input. To our investors, partners and collaborators: Thanks for joining us to build one of the premier business communities in the world! -Luanne


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