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NETnight Connectors Are Like Gladiators in [Black] Suits

Posted by: Nika White on Monday, August 26, 2013
Like the ABC drama Scandal, our NETnight is a little atypical and so are our Connectors. The show keeps viewers engaged from the beginning to the end by fixing problems. If Connectors accomplish their purpose all NETnight guests will encounter an effective networking experience and leave wanting more. As a team of die-hard networkers, with gladiator attitudes, NETnight Connectors exist to help ensure a positive networking experience for hundreds of professionals. Connectors are easily identified among the crowd because they are dressed in black and are always on a mission. They circle the room, make introductions and help NETnight guests fulfill their networking goal for the evening. Connectors are prepped to make introductions, invite elevated conversation and encourage mingling and relationship-building. The primary goal of NETnight is to reinforce the positive outcomes that relationship-building  can have on personal and professional development while simultaneously generating awareness of key nonprofits in the local area that serve diverse communities. This is a great opportunity to get connected in the Upstate with business leaders, professionals and other influencers to create relationships that will foster strong support. The Greenville Chamber mails approximately 300 personal invitations to high profile, community and business leaders (including members of prominent boards of directors) to attend NETnight because we know that the networking experience for diverse professionals is enriched when the opportunity is provided to engaged with influential constituents. Effective networking is the end goal. We want to ensure the conditions are right for effective networking to take place. Therefore, we have planned special touches and tools for this purpose including the following:
  • Name badges for all participants
  • Conversation cards throughout the room to help elevate the conversation and to provide a tool for getting acquainted and building relationships
  • Conversation areas throughout the room for small group socializing or one-on-one conversations
  • NETnight Connectors whose role is to walk the room being a friendly face for guests to communicate with. Connectors are easily identified with all black attire and a green “ambassador” ribbon attached to their name badge.
Plan on attending the next NETnight on September 3rd? Consider these Networking Tips:
  • Have a networking goal – what is your objective and purpose for attending?
  • Give and collect business cards and make notes on the back of cards you receive.
  • Review the list of registered attendees in advance to determine who you may want to connect with prior to the event.
  • Be a resource for others – great way to build relationships.
  • Circle the room and interact with people that you don’t know.
  • Be able to tell about yourself in 60 seconds or less.
  • Follow up and follow through - Link in on LinkedIn, Like on Facebook or Follow on Twitter. Most importantly, meet in the real world over coffee or lunch. Get to know those you have networked with and determine how you might help each other.
So, if the Connectors are gladiators in [black] suits, does that mean I get to play Olivia Pope?


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