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Twenty is Better than One

Posted by: Nika White on Thursday, August 29, 2013
Serving as Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion for the Greenville Chamber is a privilege because it’s an opportunity to assist with a vision I carry alongside so many others in our community. There are many likeminded individuals and organizations working daily to develop standards and structures to help Greenville reach its full potential as an economically thriving community. One underdeveloped pillar essential to accomplishing this goal is economic inclusion. CAPACITY is the Greenville Chamber’s initiative designed to foster economic development through diversity and inclusion. The CAPACITY initiative facilitates building structure within the community to build capacity and advocate for economic inclusion. CAPACITY is one of the many solutions our community offers to enhance our economy. The Greenville Chamber’s role is to be a key facilitator to assist in integrating the inclusion component to build capacity. To deliver upon this, the Chamber has developed the Minority Business Resource Collaborative (MBRC) to create opportunities for all organizations that operate in the space of servicing socially and economically disadvantaged businesses to partner as unifiers in this endeavor. To do so requires the development of conditions that encourage a vibrant, local economy where diverse businesses and business owners are an integral part of creating economic growth and opportunity. The Collaborative exists between approximately 20 organizations engaged in providing support to disadvantaged businesses. The Collaborative is not a new organization but a new way for existing organizations to work more effectively together. The purpose of the Collaborative is to maximize the collective capability to positively impact the growth, development, and success of underrepresented firms in the Upstate. The Collaborative creates opportunities to support more minority businesses in ways that are tangible to their needs and meaningful to their long-term growth and development. The Chamber’s role in this is to be the convener. MBRC’s objectives are to systematically support more minority businesses, women-owned businesses and businesses that are otherwise disadvantaged and produce successful outcomes in the areas of economic development, minority business growth and job creation. The Collaborative leverages the existing infrastructure of the respective organizations into a collective “system” designed to do the following:
  • Limit duplication of effort
  • Increase organizational and collective accountability
  • Create a comprehensive continuum of support
  • Ensure awareness and knowledge across the system of all organizations in the Collaborative that support socially and economically disadvantaged businesses
  • Identify where deficiencies may  exist among the collaborative in terms of service to minority businesses and work to resolve any shortcomings
To experience efforts of the MBRC, join me at the Entrepreneurial Workshops, Networking Lunch and Business Information Fair. A panel of experts will discuss the following topics relevant to business owners:
  • Benefits of strategic partnerships
  • Types of "teaming" initiatives that can prove most beneficial
  • Key considerations when partnering
  • Real case studies of strategic partnerships and initiatives
  • Top best practices to communicate a marketing message
Small businesses, minority-owned businesses, women-owned businesses and start-up businesses will all benefit from participating in this event. Approximately 20 MBRC participating organizations will be on-site to share information about their services and engage with these leaders one-on-one. How about that for a one-stop shop for business owners? Watch the MBRC promotional video and register today. Learn more about CAPACITY Follow CAPACITY on Twitter Like CAPACITY on Facebook Check out the CAPACITY YouTube Channel


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