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In Business: Purple Communications

Posted by: Marion Mann on Friday, September 6, 2013
Sometimes a business comes along that I really don't know anything about, but makes SO much sense.... enter Purple Communications. Since its beginning almost 30 years ago, Purple has dedicated its resources to providing the highest-quality interpreting services, as well as developing innovative firsts in communications technologies for deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals. Purple provides fast, easy and convenient communications solutions and services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and businesses using a variety of different platforms. They are a leading provider of on-site interpreting services, video relay services (VRS), text relay services and video remote interpreting (VRI), that provide open communications between all people, regardless of differences in abilities, languages and locations. The downtown Greenville call center's focus is  VRS - think Skype with an interpreter on the screen. This is how Deaf and hard of hearing individuals are able to communicate with others on the phone - from ordering a pizza and making appointments to personal and business calls. According to Purple CEO John Ferron,  Greenville was selected as their 17th call center out of 12 other cities for several reasons - qualified interpreters in the area, business-friendliness, and cost of doing business. Of course we asked, "Why Purple?" Apparently they had been tagged in the communications industry this way - AT&T is blue, Verizon is red, the Deaf providers are Purple - so after several mergers, they went with it.  A great branding lesson - don't fight perception, embrace it!


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