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“Small Business Workshop Recap: Your Client Rights”

Posted by: Tripp James on Monday, September 30, 2013
[caption id="attachment_352" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Mary Ann Pires presents a Maximizing Consultant Relationships Seminar for Chamber Members"][/caption] On Thursday, September 26, the Greenville Chamber and Mary Ann Pires teamed up to present a member workshop, “Maximizing Your Consultant Relationships: A Primer.”  Those who attended came away enlightened and motivated!  Mary Ann kindly shared valuable knowledge gained from her experience as CEO of The Pires Group, a 27-year-old boutique consulting firm.  She focused on basics of the consultant/client relationship from a unique view… the perspective of the client. Just as many fellow business owners have at one time or another, Mary Ann has been both a consultant AND a client during her career.  Her presentation highlighted how finding consultants, minding consultants, meeting them halfway, budgeting, and measuring effectiveness are all unique issues that must be dealt with.  Pitfalls and land mines can appear at any point during this process.  Mary Ann told many stories from personal experience.  Her honesty was refreshing, relatable, and most helpful to our attendees. In fact, as a previous business owner myself, her points related directly to past involvements I had with consultants… in particular to mistakes I made.  Had I known Mary Ann and been able to hear this presentation 8 years ago, I likely would have avoided errors!! Some highlighted bullet points from the discussion…
  • Finding good consultants
    • Various means exist to locate quality service providers
  • Making the selection
    • Criteria to emphasize
  • The importance of a contract
    • What should be included
  • The need for a plan
    • Who does what
  • How the client can contribute to R.O.I.
    • Holding up your end of the bargain
  • Potential pitfalls
    • Ways in which clients get shortchanged
Feedback from this event was outstanding and I’d like to thank Mary Ann for sharing her valuable time and knowledge with our membership!  Check out her website,  She can assist any size company.  She’ll take great care of you and your business!


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