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Corporate Investigation Bureau, Inc./October 2013 Small Business of the Month

Posted by: Tripp James on Thursday, October 17, 2013
This morning we had the honor of recognizing Corporate Investigation Bureau, Inc. and owner Bill Dantin as our October 2013 Small Business of the Month.  CIB is an international commercial investigation and collection firm.  Their approach is unique in that they utilize global relationships to investigate and seek to negotiate from an informed position.  They are changing the way the commercial debt industry collects money. Bill’s journey to Greenville is also a great example of entrepreneurial perseverance and a win-win partnership with the Chamber…. Formed in New Orleans in 2000, Corporate Investigation Bureau grew quickly during its first few years.  After purchasing a building in 2003, they received grants from the state of Louisiana to supplement wages in order to further promote the creation of jobs in the area.  Their growth continued to soar, but when Hurricane Katrina hit, things changed immediately. They had to operate from a temporary facility in Texas for months with only a few staff members. They survived, but upon their return, only a fraction of the team remained.  CIB was forced to find a new territory to rebuild the company. After months of research, they selected Greenville to open their first branch. Dantin moved his family here in 2006 to begin the transition, and by 2007 they officially made Greenville their headquarters. Although the ensuing economic downturn created challenges, they found ways to reposition marketing efforts and change strategies to adjust. CIB was able to thrive and emerge stronger through the difficult times. Now entering their fourteenth year in business, they wonder if the company would have survived had they not chosen Greenville, SC! Bill Dantin says, “The contacts we have made and relationships we’ve developed through the Greenville Chamber have been instrumental in helping us to acclimate our business within the community. Through the programs and events we've participated in and sponsored over the years, we have generated many valuable clients and continued to see significant revenue growth.” I have visited with Bill and his staff on two occasions now.  From the moment you walk in the door you receive warm, friendly service with a sense of urgency.  Its all about the customer.  Additionally I’ve spoken to folks who have worked with Bill.  They all gave high praise for his service, expertise, and networking abilities. To conclude… what a great business story and testament to both Greenville, SC and the Chamber.  Aspiring, successful entrepreneur… curveball thrown at him by forces of nature he could not control… then a solution… relocation to Greenville followed by hard work and success!  So great to see!! To learn more… check out the CIB website at


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James Schmidt on October 18, 2013 at 10:51:14 am said:
A well deserved honor. Congratulations Bill and all of CIB !!!
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