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Transportation Transformation

Posted by: Greenville Chamber on Thursday, November 14, 2013
Travel through South Carolina is thriving, with the state hosting 9 Welcome Centers, 19 rest areas, and more than 700 companies importing and exporting through our ports. However, while transportation is booming, our infrastructure is crumbling. Take a look at some of these shocking statistics:
  • Our interstate system is over 50 years old
  • Nearly 20% of our bridges are rated substandard
  • 47% of the primary system is in poor condition
  • 69% of pavement in SC is in poor condition
With these statistics in mind, many South Carolinians are working to improve the infrastructure on which our state so heavily relies. Transportation is key to creating a thriving business climate. In a 2012 study of “Top States for Businesses”, SC ranked 21st in infrastructure and transportation, with competitor states Georgia and North Carolina ranking 3rd and 11th respectively. SCDOT estimates that SC has lost around $2.6 billion in economic activity because of congestion Poor infrastructure not only affects businesses, but you personally. It is estimated that poor roads cost individuals $255 per year. Greenville county is worst in the state for number of pedestrians killed (60), and the state ranks second worst in the nation for that category. Though there is not one clear solution, progress must be made. With a motor fuel user fee of 16 cents, SC ranks in the Top 5 for the smallest fee as well as in the Top 5 for number of state-maintained miles (63% of total roads). The national average of state-maintained roads is 19%. Furthermore, 90% of the SCDOT’s funds come from this gas tax. This means that the SCDOT is responsible for more miles than most states with a much smaller influx of funds coming from the gas tax. To take part in the conversation on transportation reform, join the Upstate Chamber Coalition for this year’s Upstate Transportation Summit on Friday, November 22, 2013 from 9:00am until 11:30am. The event will be held at BMW Zentrum in Greer. Learn more and register here. It is time for a change, and it is imperative that business and community leaders step up to help make this transformation possible.


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