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The Enthusiasm of PULSE's Young Professionals

Posted by: Luanne Runge on Thursday, December 12, 2013
My, how time flies! My term as Chair of the Chamber is almost over. Twelve months has really gone by in a hurry. One of the events that will stick out in my mind as I reflect on 2013 is the PULSE Annual Meeting which I attended last week – not as a PULSE member though, since my advanced age disqualifies me from membership. In case you don’t know, PULSE (Professionals United for Leadership and Social Enrichment), is a group for Greenville’s young professionals.  Its vision is to serve as a voice for our young talent, connecting members to each other as well as engaging and inspiring them through leadership development and social enrichment. What I observed at PULSE’s Annual Meeting really excited me! There were lots of young professionals attending who networked with each other before and after the presentation and paid rapt attention to the words of wisdom from keynote speakers and prominent state-wide leaders, Aphrodite and Sam Konduros. The energy from the crowd about the opportunities existing in Greenville for young professionals was also palpable. You could feel the enthusiasm these young professionals had for the future for Greenville, and the opportunities which lie ahead of them as leaders in our community. The growth of this group during the past 10 years, the impact it’s made and the legacy it is creating is a tribute to PULSE leadership. During 2013, John Boyanoski has been a dynamic Chairman, leading and challenging PULSE members to think outside the box and reach beyond the norm. His focus has been the driving force behind the Laurens Railline Project. In September, 2013, PULSE signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Greenville County to serve as a steward, promoter and community advisor for the redevelopment of 3.4 miles of discontinued rail line running parallel to Laurens Road from Pleasantburg Drive to the CU-ICAR campus. This exciting work is PULSE’s biggest project to date! Based upon Berri Hicks’ demonstrated leadership as she has been preparing to assume the role as Chair for 2014, and her dynamic speech last week, I’m confident she’ll continue the impact PULSE is making in our community with its projects and its people. It’s exciting to think of what PULSE will accomplish in 2014 which makes PULSE and our community even greater! Greenville’s future leadership is undoubtedly in this group of engaged and talented young leaders.


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