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Its time to get to work.

Posted by: Tim Reed on Monday, January 6, 2014
Whoever said that a Vice President, Vice Chair or being Chair elect of any organization and especially the Greenville Chamber meant that you didn't have anything to do. Quite the contrary! It has been extremely busy and exciting year for me full of significant initiatives and programs providing a sturdy foundation on which to build in 2014.  With my increased activity, I have been amazed at all our chamber does for the business community. Working with the Greenville Chamber Board of Advisors, the Chamber Board of Directors, and the Chamber staff affirms what an incredible organization we are fortunate to have. Under the excellent leadership of Luanne Runge it has been an exciting year with many accomplishments towards the strategic goals set forth under Sam Konduros's 2011 and Mike Riordan's 2012 leadership. The many parts of the puzzle that make the Chamber operate confirm that we have the right pieces in place in all aspects of volunteers and staff to cultivate and sustain a premier business community. In 2014 we will complete the third year of the strategic goals for the Chamber while establishing the roadmap for the next 5 to 10 years with an extensive study conducted by Market Street Services Inc. involving a variety of community leaders and input from hundreds of survey participants. Results of that study will be forthcoming in the spring of this year and will set the roadmap for not only our business community but also the region as a whole. As detailed in the Scope of Work, this five-month study will gather input from a variety of sources including interviews with community leaders, existing economic data sets including the 2013 Regional Economic Scorecard, and an objective look at Greenville’s talent pipeline. Those inputs combined with guidance from the project Steering Committee will shape the final recommendations for the Chamber going forward.  Just as Accelerate laid out a five-year plan to improve business conditions, grow high-impact companies and develop and attract human capital, we believe this study will serve as the basis for new strategic objectives beginning in 2015. It is with great pleasure that I have been afforded the opportunity to be a part of shaping the future of Greenville while attending to current needs of our investors. We have a lot to be thankful for but with that require a lot or responsibility.  We live in an incredibly blessed community and we need to share the success with all of our members and citizens to inspire all to prosper. I look forward to a full plate this coming year and for me, its time to get to work.


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