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2014 SC Legislative Session Starts Today

Posted by: Greenville Chamber on Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Today marks the beginning of the 2014 legislative session in Columbia. Both the SC House and SC Senate begin work at noon. The General Assembly normally meets each week Tuesdays-Thursdays until the regular legislative session concludes on June 6th. The 2014 session should be an interesting one as this is the second year of a two year session. There are many bills that were introduced in 2013 that did not pass both chambers and will be considered this year. In addition, 2014 is an election year for all 124 members of the SC House of Representatives and all statewide constitutional officers. If you are curious to know what issues may take up a good bit of time being debated this year, click here to read our 2014 legislative preview. As you may know, the Greenville Chamber has two registered lobbyists on staff that will be at the statehouse each day during the session to look out for you and your business. We advocate for items listed on our legislative agenda, an agenda that many of our member businesses helped create last fall. To view the Chamber’s 2014 legislative agenda, click here. We realize that what goes on at the statehouse and politics in general may not be of interest to everyone. However, a lot of what goes on in Columbia can impact you and your business. We feel that it is important for the business community to know what happens each week in Columbia, so we distribute via email a “Weekly Legislative Update” each Friday afternoon highlighting business issues that were considered by the legislature that week. We also have a legislative issues committee that is open to any of our members and provides in-depth updates and discussions on issues each month. If you would like more information on our business advocacy initiatives, have questions, or would like to get more involved, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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