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Funnelicious: “Working hard to be Greenville’s smallest restaurant!”

Posted by: Tripp James on Monday, February 24, 2014
Congratulations to Funnelicious for being selected as February 2014 Greenville Chamber Small Business of the Month!  The award was presented at yesterday’s board meeting to owners, Mike Pennington, Steve Pennington, and Malinda McAleer Pennington. Funnelicious is a new concept to a classic idea: Fried!  The restaurant opened its doors in summer 2011 and serves the best Funnel Cakes in the area with over 25 toppings to choose from. Funnelicious also offers a variety of fried desserts including: Fried Oreos, Snickers, Oreo Balls, Twinkies, Cookie Dough and more! Along with all the fried goodness, Funnelicious serves a melody of hot dogs, hand dipped corn dogs, deli style sandwiches, wraps, fresh cut fries, ribbon fries, seasonal fresh fruit cups, and over 32 different flavors of soda with flavor shots! Funnelicious is open 7 days a week and is located across from the Greenville Drive stadium on Augusta St.  They cater to any event! Significant Dates in the history of Funnelicious: May 2011:  The Doors Opened! April 2012:  A Community Garden was built and located behind Funnelicious July 2012:  Filmed “Fried Food Lovers Paradise” for Food Paradise of The Travel Channel October 2012:  Applied for Guinness World Book’s World’s Largest Funnel Cake November 2012:  Filmed “History of Fried Foods” for the History Channel On a personal note, I’ve known Mike Pennington for several years through Greenville PULSE and other young professional associations.  His support of the Chamber and our community has been amazing!  He’s involved in everything!!  Mike will serve as Chairman of PULSE in 2015.  He also sits on the Chamber’s LEAD, Finance, and Opportunity Greenville committees.  And to top that… interesting side note… just last month Mike was a guest on The Price Is Right!  He mentioned Greenville, SC and created great publicity for the city we all love!  Check out a clip from the show… Stop by Funnelicious!  Mike, Steve, and Malinda will take great care of you and your appetite!!  To learn more… browse their website at


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