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In Business: Materials Sciences Corporation

Posted by: Rionne Ridgeway on Thursday, March 27, 2014
The March 26th ribbon cutting at Materials Sciences Corporation (MSC) marked the beginning of a new manufacturing company and job creator in Greenville County.  MSC is a designer and manufacturer of composite materials and structures for government and industry, or as Dr. Bob Taylor put it, “They take the jiggle out of jets.” MSC was established in 1970 in Horsham, PA as “an engineering services organization providing research, design, analysis, testing and prototyping of composite materials.” MSC purchased and renovated approximately 13,000 square feet of space in a former textile manufacturing facility located near SC-TAC. MSC President and CEO Tom Cassin said, “Greenville attracted us for many reasons- for its great pro-business climate, as a wonderful home to grow our company in, and as a place with wonderful amenities that enhance quality of life like the Swamp Rabbit Trail.”  It was during this time that Cassin, in front of several county officials, business leaders, economic developers and employees, presented a high-tech Bianchi racing bicycle made from the company’s patented “Countervail vibration-cancelling materials and technology” to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department for their use in patrolling the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  Cassin explained to those of us unfamiliar with Bianchi that, “This bike is essentially the Ferrari of road bicycles.” Dr. Bob Taylor, board member of the GADC and Chairman of Greenville County Council presided over the event and concluded by saying, “Materials Sciences Corporation is an outstanding example of a company that is using world-class technology, performance-based processes and a mix of local and national talent to grow and succeed.”  Thank you MSC for letting your Greenville Chamber be a part of this event, and we wish you well! For additional information on MSC, visit


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