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Young Professional Perspective - PET PEEVES: Have you seen my stapler?

Posted by: Pulse Young Professionals on Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Pet peeves.  Everyone has them and is annoyed by someone who causes them.  But have you thought about how it serves as an impression and reflects on you as a person?  When you bring a diverse group of people together, on a daily basis, with normal work demands and stresses fueling daily productivity, you are bound to discover bad habits and pet peeves. Whether it’s a colleague that never responds to any of your emails, or a supervisor who holds entirely too many, unnecessary meetings, pet peeves can be an annoyance in the workplace, as well as a personal frustration simply based on your preferences.  Do pet peeves necessarily affect your productivity?  There may or may not be research that supports that.  But, really, pet peeves are a personal preference on things and people that annoy you or interrupt your flow of thinking. When I think on this topic, most of my personal pet peeves are from a professional environment; not presenting yourself professionally during first impressions, not taking the time to look up a word if you do not know how to spell it, and even being an employee who cannot be self-sufficient peeves me.  But some of the pet peeves in this article go beyond the typical office culture; some become more of a cleanliness nuisance.  A strong-smelling lunch, or someone who doesn’t clean out the microwave after allowing their potato soup to explode all over it – those, too, can make you want to pull out your hair. People are never going to be perfect, nor are we never going to offend or aggravate someone.  The answer to monitoring any pet peeves you yourself may be creating is simply by always being conscious and conscientious of your demeanor and everyday behaviors.  Sometimes putting yourself in others’ shoes helps to understand others’ points of view.  Simply trying to be respectful, clean, and careful can go a long way.  I don’t think there’s ever going to be a magical fix to eliminating pet peeves; they’re just a normal part of life – whether you’re looking at a professional or personal issue. Do you do some of these things?  (Maybe without even realizing it?) Some of these can be easily fixed by us paying attention to our own behaviors and being cautious about how we are perceived by others. Pet peeves are not the end of the world, but they can affect your personal and professional relationships.  So before you send that email without using the correct punctuation or grammar, maybe take a quick second to evaluate the impression you are about to make, not only of yourself but also of your business or organization. So, have you seen the stapler that just magically walked away from my desk? Brittany Baughman is the Community Relations Coordinator at Webster University in Greenville.  She is responsible for the recruitment efforts and public relations activities of the campus.  She and her husband, Jonathan, currently reside in Greenville.


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