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Collaborative Partnerships to Promote Leadership Diversity

Posted by: Nika White on Friday, April 11, 2014
The Greenville Chamber’s second annual ACE Leadership Symposium is upon us and I could not be more excited.  The event will be held at the TD Convention Center on April 22, 2014 featuring workshops from 10:00 to 11:15 am and a culmination luncheon with keynote presenter Brett Carter, Senior Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer for Duke Energy.  Minority professionals and business owners, as well as mid-senior business and organization leaders (particularly those that mentor and manage minorities) are encouraged to attend.  The key mission of the ACE Leadership Symposium, a program of the Chamber’s CAPACITY diversity and inclusion initiative, is to share with the community that in order to advance leadership and corporate board service for ethnic minorities, there must be a concerted effort to advocate and collaborate for the success of such individuals.  The event intends to empower leaders to create a road map for succeeding in leadership, and also empower influencers who can sponsor and help minority leaders to achieve corporate board service and higher levels of organizational leadership. Keynote Presentation, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm: “Collaborative Relationships to Advance Minority Leadership” with Brett Carter, Senior Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer for Duke Energy Collaborative relationships in business can be valuable and can boost you and the organization beyond your expectations.  The main goal is to join alliances with two or more individuals and organizations to give you a more competitive advantage.  Collaboration can greatly enhance an individual and organization’s chances of success.  Although, collaboration can refer to families, neighbors, schools, etc., this session will discuss collaboration among professionals and businesses.  To create that partnership, minority professionals must adhere to key obligations and majority counterparts or those senior leaders that have the ability to open doors and create opportunities, also have a responsibility. Audience takeaways will include: • How to build collaborative relationships • How to measure and manage relationships to increase opportunities, income, and resources • What will you do to collaborate and co-create?  Best practice sharing… Workshops, 10:00 am to 11:15 am (Concurrent) “How Not to Be a Victim and Produce Results” with Anita Garrett, Weathers Group (bio below) In business and life, avoiding “victim mentality” for yourself and others is consummate to your success.  People with these attitudes can be destructive in your life and business.  Being an Entrepreneur and Professional – you MUST be self-actualized.  This session will help the audience recognize the dangers of the “victim mentality” and acquire a “productive mindset” for success! Audience takeaways will include: • What is the victim mentality? • How to derail the Pity Train • How to get productive and keep it moving • Action steps to keep you empowered “The Truth about Coaching and Managing Minorities” with Charles Weathers, Weathers Group Despite the best intentions, many organizations still fail and struggle to achieve racial balance within the company and on their executive teams.  Some companies have revolving doors of talented minorities, seeing them leave frustrated by the barriers they encounter.  This session will help Mid-Senior Leaders become well versed in how to mentor and manage minorities. Audience takeaways will include: • The pattern of minority movement and success in business • What are today’s mentoring challenges • Creating an environment for success 2012 was the inaugural year for the ACE Leadership Symposium and was well attended with a diverse audience of over 350 minority professionals and majority leaders from an array of public and private sectors.  I encourage you to watch the ACE Leadership Symposium Promo Video and register to attend.  Leadership diversity is critical to the achievement of the Chamber’s vision of Greenville becoming the premier business community in the world.  The Greenville Chamber actively supports talented women and minorities in our community in achieving leadership positions in greater numbers.  The ACE Leadership Symposium is one of two initiatives the Chamber executes annually to advance leadership diversity within underrepresented populations.  In the fall, the Chamber host the ATHENA Leadership Symposium designed to advance women’s leadership and corporate board service. Learn more about CAPACITY, Greenville Chamber’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative Follow CAPACITY on Twitter Like CAPACITY on Facebook Check out the CAPACITY YouTube Channel


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