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Young Professional Perspective: "Intuition: Trust your Gut, Re-Train your Mind"

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Posted by: Pulse Young Professionals on Tuesday, April 22, 2014
As entrepreneurs, managers and young professionals in general, we read up on market research, headlines and social media trends. We look at our competitors to see what strategies they are using and which are most effective. Still, there is one specific tool that is critical to everyone’s success and surprisingly, it’s oftentimes the most underused resource in our arsenal: our intuition. Intuition is one of the most powerful resources we are given. Strong leadership is a combination of having a great idea, implementing that idea, and ultimately following your gut. How can we capitalize on our intuition?  Below are three basic guidelines to help get you started: 1.    Don’t let fear run the show: When you come from a place of fear—worrying about saying the right thing and making sure not to ruffle any feathers—you might miss out on making something truly memorable. Fear forces you to look at short-term results. Fearing failure will keep you trapped in familiar work habits, which can cause you to lose your spark. So, the next time you are faced with starting a new project, ask yourself: What would I do if I weren’t afraid? What’s something we haven’t tried before? Don’t worry about what others will say; there is no such thing as a bad idea. You can always crunch the numbers, set up focus groups, or read the research later. But first, start from a place of “anything is possible.” 2.    Take risks: Intuition flourishes in an environment where both positive and negative outcomes are possible. Create new ideas instead of relying on what “you’ve always done” or what’s “worked before.”  If you fail, then you’ll know you pushed your limits, regardless of the outcome. True leaders take risks to achieve success. Both brands and society change over time. 40 years ago there was no such thing as “digital.” Today, brands are launching entire campaigns through viral videos and 140-character tweets. Taking smart risks is crucial to long-term growth and success. 3.    Trust yourself: We need to re-train ourselves, to re-learn how to listen to our instincts. If you allow your intuition to drive creativity, you’ll know when it’s right – not because you read an article on the subject, or because you tested the concept six ways from Sunday, but because you have a creative spark inside of you! Having confidence is essential. Before making decisions, in the workplace or otherwise, take a moment to check in with yourself and that inner voice that has been quietly guiding you all along. We often ponder the connections between subjective and objective truth, feeling and fact, intuition and reality - with intuition being bigger than we ever imagined. It feeds our creativity, expertise, and ultimate goal to succeed.  How has trusting your gut led you to success? Lauren Good is the Event Director for The Salvation Army Kroc Center in downtown Greenville.  She is also an entrepreneur and started her own event planning business 3 years ago after moving back to Greenville from Charleston, where her passion for planning events began.  Lauren enjoys spending time with her family, entertaining guests in her home, and attending as many live music events as possible. Lauren is a member of the PULSE Marketing committee.


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