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Community starts with the shape of our roads. Let the voters decide.

Posted by: Greenville Chamber on Tuesday, April 29, 2014
It’s hard to believe it’s that time again – we have another election right around the corner! June primaries are fast approaching before the general election in November. Greenville County could be in a unique position in November depending on an upcoming decision by Greenville County Council. In the coming weeks, Greenville County Council will make a decision on whether or not to place a referendum on the November ballot for a sales tax to fund road and infrastructure improvements (possibly a penny sales tax). Revenue derived from the sales tax would be directly applied to address projects only in Greenville County, all of which would be listed on the ballot. In October of 2013, Greenville County Council appointed an eighteen member committee to study and recommend improvements to road conditions in Greenville County. The Greenville County Citizen Roads Advisory Commission (GCCRAC) held seven community forums attended by hundreds of citizens and received hundreds surveys regarding transportation related issues. The 300 page report can be accessed in its entirety HERE. The committee’s report truly articulates the dire nature of the situation in every municipality and throughout Greenville County. We have for far too long ignored our infrastructure needs and are at the point where something must be done. Developing and maintaining infrastructure is a core function of government, and the Chamber recognizes the importance of transportation and infrastructure and the direct impact it has on business growth and recruitment of new jobs to our area. We believe that a sound and strong transportation and infrastructure system is essential to economic growth and the high quality of life in our community. At the Chamber we strive to be the voice of business and to build a premier business community that is globally recognized, and we feel that community starts with the shape of our roads in Greenville County. One of the great things about Greenville County is our ability to come together, to reach across party lines and city borders and unite as one.  What is good for one city or municipality is usually good for the whole. This open-minded philosophy is one of the things that makes Greenville County so successful and enables us to make a difference within the state of South Carolina. Whenever a large group of people can work together as a team, real progress can be made, and Greenville County has truly shown this in the past. We are fortunate to have a County Council that is able to see the bigger picture and is able to understand this concept. They have the unique opportunity to let the citizens of Greenville County decide whether or not to support a sales tax increase for transportation improvements. Whatever it is that separates us, whether it be political party, competing businesses, or city border, we need to remember what brings us together. We are all proud citizens of Greenville County, and of the Upstate, and of South Carolina. Together, we have the opportunity to continue moving Greenville County forward. Contact your Councilman and urge them to put a referendum on the ballot in November for transportation improvements and let the voters decide!


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