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Leadership Greenville Affirms the Need for Inclusion

Posted by: Nika White on Monday, May 12, 2014
The people of Greenville want more from our community and expect more.  More inclusion, more diversity, more leadership, more business opportunity, more access, more economic development, and the list goes on.  You must expect more if you desire to become the most premier business community in the world, which is why the Greenville Chamber has made this its vision.  When you expect more, you tend to give more. I just completed Leadership Greenville Class 40 and what an incredible experience it was!  That opportunity heightened my desire to want more for Greenville.  As I reflect on my experience, I am reminded of just how great the need for inclusion is in order to make Greenville better.  So much of the prosperity we all desire for Greenville is woven into our ability to be more inclusive.  It is a goal of LG stakeholders to ensure that the totality of the LG experience sensitizes participants to the needs of the community creating stronger desire for volunteer leadership and positive change.  The effects of the leadership training through the curriculum and group capstone projects are designed to increase participants’ leadership skills and enhance their leadership effectiveness.  Participants of LG see the big picture of the issues relevant to Greenville, which leads to solutions.  LG provides the opportunity for participants to answer the call of public service.  Opportunities for personal growth include assessments of learning and leadership styles, people skills and problem solving.  Class sessions include presentations, panels, experiential learning, and interaction between cohorts and presenters.  As a premier citywide leadership program, graduates of LG are better informed, enthusiastic, and well networked to develop and implement solutions that positively influence their respective organizations and community.  I am grateful that LG heightened my awareness of the need for inclusion and affirmed the work of CAPACITY.  The Greenville Chamber will continue to advance the movement of diversity and inclusion to help give Greenville more of what it deserves. Please consider applying for LG. The Greenville Chamber is particularly interested in a diverse pool of candidates, which helps ensure an enriching experience. The deadline is May 16, 2014 and partial scholarships are available. Applications are online here. Learn more about CAPACITY, Greenville Chamber’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative Follow CAPACITY on Twitter Like CAPACITY on Facebook Check out the CAPACITY YouTube Channel


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