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YP Perspective: Working Mom-To-Be

Posted by: Pulse Young Professionals on Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Admittedly, this post is more for the ladies. Still, if you are a working dad-to-be, it’s definitely worth a read. As a new parent or parent-to-be, I know you’re absorbing as much information as you possibly can in preparation for the arrival of your little “bundle of joy” – from midnight feedings, to developmental milestones, to planning what college your kiddo will attend 18 years from now.

PULSE is an organization geared toward young professionals age 22-39, otherwise known as prime child-bearing years for most women. This is not only a huge personal milestone for a woman, but also has the ability to greatly affect both her and, potentially, her partner’s professional life. So many questions to ask!

  • Does one of you stay at home after baby?
  • Will your company frown upon your pregnancy or even your child – seeing him or her as a distraction from work?
  • Will it be a distraction? Is that okay?
  • When do you tell your boss?
  • What about health insurance coverage and maternity leave?
  • Does your spouse or partner have paternity leave?
  • What if you’re breastfeeding when you go back to work? How does that work!?!
  • What about childcare?

And the list goes on and on…

So. Many. Questions.

The decision to have a child - or not to have one - is a personal decision, and situations are different for every person. Still, there are questions that remain the same, even if the answers differ.  Below are some great resources to better understand options available and to get you started whether you are just planning ahead or anxiously awaiting your little one.

Are you a working mom or dad? What was your experience like? Any resources that would be good to share with other PULSE members?
Sydney W. Cooke, a long time PULSE member, is Director of Doing for theideagroup, a full-service marketing and advertising agency. theideagroup was the Chamber of Commerce's 2013 Minority Business of the Year. Her role as Partner is to, as her title suggests, get things done! Sydney is a Matthews, NC native that adopted Greenville as her home after graduating from Furman University.  She is married, and enjoys reading, yoga, traveling, and health and fitness activities.  She currently serves on the PULSE Marketing Committee and as one of the photographers for PULSE events, and has participated in PaceSetters (group mentoring program).  Sydney loves being a part of PULSE due to the connections and friends she has made over the years by participating and being an active member.


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