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Acts of Kindness + A Lot of People = BIG CHANGE

Posted by: Nika White on Friday, June 6, 2014
The world was touched by the life of Dr. Maya Angelou and the power she was able to create simply through her words.  She was a woman with a brilliant mind, a deep heart, and incredible wisdom.  The lessons that will remain with me from Dr. Angelou are the power of encouraging words and the ability of a simple act of kindness.  One of my favorite quotes of Dr. Angelou is “People make forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.”  My desire is to use my words to inspire people, give them hope, and create a smile in their day.  The Greenville Chamber along with several community partners and volunteers plan to make this happen.  The effort I’m speaking of is a national humanity service movement called #HashtagLunchBag that the Chamber will execute in the local Greenville community.  #HashtagLunchBag is dedicated to creating fun environments to bring together diverse groups of compassionate people in local communities across the country to join in the endeavor of addressing hunger by preparing bag lunches with a note of inspiration enclosed and sharing those lunches with people in need.  #HashtagLunchBagGreenvilleSC is the local grassroots effort designed to bring the community together around this common mission.  The goal is to utilize social media and other grassroots marketing to bring awareness to this movement.  The Greenville Chamber’s role as convener is to inspire diverse populations to join in the endeavor to address hunger one person at a time.  The Greenville Chamber is well aware that in order for us to reach our vision of becoming the most premier business community in the world, we must be a part of the movement to show compassion to those that are poverty stricken and  bring more awareness to the basic need for food that so many in our community have.  This effort is not just for homeless individuals.  We also wish to service those that are poverty-stricken and food insecure.  To help identify the best approach and target areas, the planning committee will collaborate with key organizations to help inform the distribution plan.  The heart of this concept lies in the human touch and the ability to facilitate an act of kindness connecting directly with those in need.  It is also equally important to address what this effort is not.  This is a grassroots effort is not intended to replace the longer-term solutions that many organizations such as local food banks are established to do.  We know that this one time endeavor in 2014 will not solve all hunger issues in Greenville or change a person’s situation.  There are several organizations established to address this.  Rather, our hope is that one small act of kindness, acted upon by many people will bring about big change.  Most importantly, we hope that this gesture will become contagious and cause people to want to pay it forward creating a ripple effect and these gestures will continue outside of this organized effort.  People require food every day, multiple times a day, so as a community we have to continue to consider those who are food insecure. This is how we make it happen:
  1. Recruit a group of volunteers to help facilitate the local movement pulling from diverse populations, as well as the business and non- profit sectors.  This is where YOU come in. Register to volunteer.
  2. Collect monetary and in-kind donations for lunches and supplies from sponsors for the #HashtagLunchBagGreenvilleSC event.  To donate send an email to
  3. Gather on August 2 at 8am at the Greenville Chamber to assemble lunches and write an inspirational note of encouragement to include in the bag lunches.
  4. Hit the streets visiting pre-identified areas in Greenville with a high number of homeless people or areas that are poverty-stricken, and find a person in need of a meal.
  5. Watch people smile by your act of kindness and then share your experience across social media using: #HashtagLunchBagGreenvilleSC
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