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How to Make the Most of Your Summer

Posted by: Megan Campbell on Monday, July 21, 2014
Summers at work can be slow. For some, workloads seem to ease and everyone is finally able to take a vacation – and that includes your legislators. Because the legislative session does not meet during the summer, you can take advantage of the opportunity to meet your legislators while they are home. [caption id="attachment_1160" align="alignright" width="225" caption="Megan Sherard with Senator Graham"][/caption] Use this summer as your chance to get to know your legislators before they head back to Columbia in the Fall. It’s a great time to be able to talk one-on-one, to voice your concerns, and to hear what they have to say about their experiences at the Statehouse. Most legislators truly have interesting stories to share. Furthermore, constituents’ opinions on the issues that matter can have just as much effect as powerful lobbying efforts. Acts as simple as picking up the phone or shooting them an email can help you to start a conversation. What better opportunity to speak candidly with those who have the power to make a difference in the community. Don’t waste the summer away- call up your legislator today. There are several tools available to help you find your delegation. You can use the Upstate Chamber Coalition’s “Contact Us” tab on the webpage or the South Carolina Legislature page which allows you to find your Senators and Representatives by entering your address: Now is the time to start building a relationship with members of your delegation. If you try to contact a legislator only when a crisis arises, you are too late. You will not effect change. Use your summer to plan for the future.


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