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Senator Sheheen Visits Greenville

Posted by: Megan Campbell on Friday, August 15, 2014
With elections in three months, political candidates are traveling the state, vying for votes as November approaches. The Greenville Chamber recently hosted Vincent Sheheen for a continuation of the Public Policy Lunch Series. Sheheen, a state Senator and candidate in the SC gubernatorial race, spoke at the Poinsett Club to a group of Greenville business and community leaders. Much of the discussion centered around three key issues - education, infrastructure, and small business. Overall, Sheheen insisted that in order to effect true reform in South Carolina, we need to grow our economy from within. “We shouldn’t be 20 years behind our neighbors,” said Sheheen on South Carolina’s public education performance. His plan includes continued efforts regarding 4 year-old kindergarten, building on the Read to Succeed/4K expansion bill which passed this year, reduced class sizes, and more emphasis on attracting and retaining quality educators. “What matters in public schools is not silly debates on testing. The key to success is putting money back in schools. What’s going to teach those kids is the teachers.” Also on his list of issues in the education arena is the growing tuition at state colleges and universities, which he says are surpassing national averages. Rebuilding the infrastructure of the state is also a priority for Sheheen. He supports streamlining of agencies, like the Department of Transportation and the State Infrastructure Bank, and increasing funding dedicated to infrastructure. “We have to diversify our funding for roads and bridges,” said Sheheen. As cars become more and more efficient, he doesn’t believe the gas tax is sustainable as a primary funding resource. If elected, he also hopes to focus on small business. “We’re going to grow our economy from within,” said Sheheen. As a business owner and a member of his local Chamber of Commerce, the Camden-native understands the importance of small businesses. While he applauds larger companies like BMW, Michelin, and Boeing for the great impact they have had on South Carolina’s economy, he emphasizes the value of our locally-based companies. Sheheen finished off the discussion with this message: “Leadership starts at the top.” If elected governor, he hopes to use the position set a positive example for South Carolina to follow. Much thanks to Senator Sheheen and all who participated in this Public Policy Series luncheon.


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