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What Small Business Week Really Is For Your Small Business

Posted by: Chamber Investor on Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A lot of people see a series of events like Small Business Week from the Greenville Chamber Of Commerce and are intimidated to participate or don’t think these events are for them, but the truth is that the chamber is setting aside an entire week only to focus on small businesses.  This is your chance to shine. So, this is really the time to share the people and products or services that make your local small business unique.  The timing couldn’t be better with kids back in school and so many thoughts on the traditions of fall.  It’s good to give a focus like this exclusively to the small businesses in the Greenville area because the influence of small businesses on our community is really more than most people think.

According to the non-profit #LoveLocalUpstate, local small businesses have a powerful impact on keeping taxes low and driving the local economy.  Studies all over the U.S. have proven again and again that efforts to focus local consumers on small businesses can have a dramatic impact on the local economy even if it results only in a 10% swing in more local spending.  Having the Greenville Chamber of Commerce dedicate a week to focusing on small business is a powerful opportunity for you.  Spend time looking at the activities you can participate in @  Connect with the chamber on Facebook @  Don’t stay on the sidelines when opportunity like this knocks for your business. You can “vote” with your participation in using the chamber events to highlight your business and to get involved with other businesses like yours.  You can participate in the MBRC Entrepreneurial workshop & Business After Hours Tuesday the 16th or being a part of a fabulous celebration of small business with the luncheon the chamber has planned for Friday the 19th along with the official small business expo. The Greenville Chamber of Commerce has set aside the week of September 15 – 19th to celebrate your business.  It’s up to you to accept the invitation and participate and we all hope you will because the Greenville Chamber is here to help you improve your business connectivity and growth.  Small Business Week gives you a potential shot in the arm headed into fall if you engage and take part in what is being offered to you.

Loyd Ford is a partner at and is the former program director of WSSL 100 and My 102.5 in Greenville.  He is a member of the Greenville Chamber Small Business Week planning committee and also on the board of #LoveLocalUpstate that has launched the #LoveLocalUpstate Film Festival September 18th @ Camelot Cinemas and the #LoveLocalUpstate Festival on September 20th @ McAlister Square Mall.  His focus at is connecting local consumers with local small businesses, community, churches and charities with a 12 month digital marketing program that works by subscription and he can be reached @ 864.249.3378 or is a proud Greenville Chamber Of Commerce Member.


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