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Business Focused. Community Driven.

Posted by: John Kimbrell on Monday, September 8, 2014
For over 125 years your Chamber has been a driving force for the betterment of Greenville. We have taken leadership roles in the community, been a part of numerous economic development initiatives, and strived to serve for the success of our members. Today, we represent over 2400 businesses, making the Greenville Chamber the largest business organization in the region. As an advocate for business we must also act like a business. If you own or operate a business today, you know that your business model has changed over the years. You compete differently for your customers, and in the world of technology and social media, how you reach your customer base is dramatically different. The Greenville Chamber is no different and we must listen to our customers to ensure our value is relevant. We must not change for change sake but look at our entire organization and answer the question that many of our members ask us, “What is in it for me?” This, to me, is a fair question. With this in mind, the Greenville Chamber is reassessing and redeveloping its value proposition. In today’s business climate we cannot continue down the path of a “one size fits all” model. People like options and they want to invest in services that offer the most return on their investment. If you are a member of the Greenville Chamber your investment is assessed by the size of your business and the services we provide are the same for all investors. This “fair share” investment model has served us well for the past 50 years and is a funding model still popular among other Chambers across the country. Based on feedback from our customers, we are finishing up a process that will redefine your Chamber experience. This Fall, your Chamber investment is on track to shift from a “fair share” to a “value based” investment model.  With this change comes an opportunity for all members to invest in the Chamber based on what they wish to receive rather than by the size of their business. This new business model is really a simple concept that many businesses utilize today. We want to give our customers the experience they desire and our customers want to invest in what is valuable to them. This value based business model will change the way in which the Chamber operates and delivers services to our customers. We are currently in the testing stage of the process and have received feedback from many of our investors. This model will allow us to customize the customer experience in order to give our investors the maximum return on their investment. It is our goal to have this process in front of our Board of Directors in September with a roll out, based on Board approval in November. We are dedicated to making this renovation a tremendous success. New benefits and programs are being introduced to truly help members with their companies and encourage business advancement. Staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to offer an intimate environment where members can get together to create a dialogue, learn, grow, and develop. The bigger picture work of the Chamber will continue. This new infrastructure does not mean the Chamber has lost the sense of community focus. Community development is one of the three pillars of the organization’s framework. Over the last several years, the Chamber has established and enhanced astounding community programs such as NEXT, ACCELERATE, LEAD, CAPACITY, and many more. The tiered investment structure continues to help promote community prosperity and also provides large platforms where companies can market, recruit, and give back to Greenville. I am excited about what is in store for our investors and I encourage you to join us and help make your investment valuable to your business.


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