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YP Perspective: 3 Comments About Mentors

Posted by: Pulse Young Professionals on Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Have you ever considered how much better you might be in 20 years… as a person?  as a parent?  in your field of business? Take all of your great abilities and skills of today, then, add 20 years of experience and development. That’s a pretty talented person, right?  Can you imagine that person? As Young Professionals (YPs), we often forget that our elder colleagues were just like us 20 years ago.  Some skillsets may be a bit different, but, fundamentally, we are the same person. No YP wants to wait for those insights that come with 20 years of experience and development.  Awesome mentors who have already achieved your exact goals can put you ahead of the curve by coaching you through the process. Here’s a few pointed tips to maximize your mentor relationship. 1)    How do I get a good mentor? Ask them.  Find your future self in 20 years and invite them to have a conversation with you.  In Greenville, South Carolina, people are so open and willing to share.  I’ll give you $100 if you ask the busiest person imaginable to mentor you by putting a lunch on their calendar once a quarter and they say no.  Just ask.  Treat it like your own personal board of directors.  They are your personal board member.  How cool is that?  What an honor.  Who can say no to that!? 2)    Join a formal group like the Greenville Chamber’s PaceSetters.  This is a program put on by PULSE, the young professionals of the Greenville Chamber.  It is fantastic.  The best part about this is that it brings together such a diverse group of mentors and peers with whom you would not normally connect.  The small groups, engaged mentors, and great speakers (like bestselling author Bob Burg) allow you to connect and develop in such a unique way. See a portion of bestselling author Bob Burg’s PaceSetters session here: 3)    Mentor someone else! It is so great to pay it forward.  And, there is a cool bonus in that you personally learn so much.  Many of Greenville County’s larger employers have formal mentorship programs and college recruiting programs.  Ask to participate!  For the 10,000 Clemson grads in Greenville County, Clemson University’s CBBS Tiger Ties allows graduates to mentor current students.  Don’t have a ready-made work program?  Simply ask your boss or take the initiative to onboard and mentor the next hire at your business. If you have read my blog on personal brand you will know that I think you can characterize your brand by examining the brands of folks in your personal and professional circles.  The same thought applies here.  Who is mentoring you?  Who is shaping your development?  That is who you will be in the future! About the Author Paul is the Upstate Market Executive for Sun Solutions, the largest privately held printer and mailer headquartered in South Carolina.  Paul enjoys spending time with his family, sports, Clemson, and real estate.  Paul is currently serving on PULSE’s Marketing and Connects Committees.


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