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YP Perspective: Extinguishing Job Burnout!

Posted by: Pulse Young Professionals on Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Job. Burnout.  Two words no one ever wants to hear together.  We all get it eventually, and it is no fun to deal with.  Job burnout is really an indication to you that you either a) don’t enjoy your job anymore and need to start thinking of next steps or b) you are too stressed and need to evaluate your daily routines. A big initiator of burnout is doing too much, all the time.  No single person can handle all of the responsibilities of three persons’ jobs.  Not having sufficient manpower can be a huge factor and catalyst for job burnout.  If you work in a smaller office environment, organization, time management, and prioritization are key.  If you work in a larger office environment, communication is vital among team members.  Helping each other carry the load can also help alleviate some potential job burnout symptoms.  When you feel like everything weighs upon your single shoulders, burnout will surely take over. Another reason for job burnout is quite an obvious (and maybe taboo) topic:  the fact that you may just need to realize that your time at that particular job is done.  It’s not a bad thing to realize that you have reached your potential in a certain position or company; in our age group, people aren’t working the same job their entire lives anymore.  We, as Millennials, are always looking for opportunities to learn, grow, and “spread our wings” in another experience.  Those days of sitting at a job for twenty years, being satisfied with complacency, are over.  Transitioning to a new, fun opportunity may be just what you need to flee from that burnout. No matter what, you always need to make sure you are targeting and identifying the reason for your burnout.  Certainly you don’t want to quit your job just to realize later that you weren’t burned out on the actual job, maybe you were just overwhelmed with all the projects going on and simply needed to take a few vacation days.  If you are too stressed all the time, recruit some team members to help you with certain tasks.  Once you have identified the source of your burnout, start doing things to eliminate those feelings in your everyday work life.  Once you analyze your issues, you can then start to make a plan for your very near future – whether that’s making a To-Do List on a daily basis and sticking to it, or starting to look for another job. Job burnout can really turn into a wildfire if you don’t take the necessary steps to extinguish it.  Burnout can create friction between colleagues; it can even cause personal, internal struggles within employees if they feel that they are not meeting goals or standards just because there is not enough time in the day.  Burnout only brings about negative emotions:  feeling unvalued at work; dealing with constant frustration with processes or co-workers; maybe you are just plain bored with your everyday tasks and need a change; maybe you just need to take a week off.  We all have things that contribute to job burnout. List some of your reasons and solutions in the comments below! Here’s also a good article to read on identifying and resolving burnout: Brittany Baughman is the Community Relations Coordinator at Webster University in Greenville.  She is responsible for the recruiting and public relations activities of the campus, as well as managing social media, planning all campus events, and implementing local marketing initiatives.  She and her husband, Jonathan, live in Greenville and stay busy spoiling their 1-year-old Lab/Spaniel mix, Darla.  Brittany serves on the 2014 PULSE Marketing Committee as the YP Perspective blogger and coordinates the blog posting for PULSE.


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