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Good Luck to Elizabeth Edwards!

Posted by: Megan Campbell on Tuesday, November 11, 2014
After working with the Chamber for four years as Senior Manager of Government Affairs and lobbyist for the Upstate Chamber Coaltion, Elizabeth will be joining Congressman Jeff Duncan in the third district as Regional Director. While working with the Chamber, Elizabeth promoted the growth of the Upstate Chamber Coalition from ten Chambers of Commerce to 12, and has established this organization as one of the leading grassroots efforts in the state in its ability to effect meaningful change at the Statehouse. Elizabeth’s efforts had a direct impact on the passage of many pro-business pieces of legislation. I speak on behalf the entire Chamber team in saying that she will be missed! Elizabeth first hired me as an intern while I was a student at Clemson University, where she taught me the ins and outs of public policy. Under her guidance, I learned so much about persistence, grace, initiative, and the art of making and building professional relationships. She gave me venues for sharpening my communication skills and took the time to build me up. She had the insight to give me opportunities that gave me exposure (the best thing a young intern can hope for). My hope for my own personal career is that as I grow, one day I will be the kind of boss Elizabeth is. Thanks so much to Elizabeth for all she has done to support the Chamber, the city and county of Greenville, and the Upstate as a whole. Her work is so greatly valued and appreciated. Best of luck, Elizabeth!


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