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It’s Party Time!

Posted by: Pulse Young Professionals on Monday, November 17, 2014
The DOs and DON’Ts of Company Holiday Parties It is getting to that time of year when the company holiday parties will be planned and invitations will be sent out.  Holiday parties are some of my favorite activities towards the end of the year, but there are always guidelines to follow when attending a work-related event.
  1. DO be friendly to everyone. You don’t have to have an hour long conversation with “what’s-her-name”, but you should say hello and smile.  (It also would probably be beneficial for you to learn her name for the next time you see her in the hallway.)  Don’t just hang out with your clique; you never know how one conversation can affect future teamwork.
  2. DON’T drink too much beforehand (aka Pre-Game). You may be shy and think that a drink or two will help you to relax before walking into a sea of eyes at the party.  Be careful not to drink too much.  Nobody wants to be the person who stumbles and falls five minutes into the evening.  A company party is still an atmosphere of your supervisors and colleagues; you still have to see these people on Monday.
  3. DO say thank you to those who planned and funded the holiday party. So many times, being an event planner myself, no one ever says “thank you” or “great job”.  It’s not that you expect it, but when someone does give appreciation, you think highly of that person and remember that recognition later.  Plus, there is so much that goes into planning any kind of social event, so acknowledge those involved.
  4. DON’T be negative or give too much information about yourself. Company parties are not the place to vent over-excessively or declare your ideas on how to run the business better.  Alcohol can contribute to open honesty.  Be cognitive about what you say to colleagues.
  5. DO bring someone who can behave. If you are allowed a +1, be sure it’s someone who will not embarrass you.  Your guest is as much of a reflection as you are at the company event!  You don’t want a negative reputation because your date decided to behave inappropriately.
  6. DON’T wear provocative clothing. Use good judgment and dress appropriately.  Whether you believe it or not, what you wear and how you present yourself says a lot about you.  If you have to question your outfit, chances are you should just change.
  7. DO have fun! This is the time and place to be yourself and have a good time with your colleagues outside of the office.  Let your hair down, be human, and have fun!
Whether you are planning or attending an upcoming holiday party, remember that this time of year is about giving and spending time together.  Strike up a conversation, shake someone’s hand, smile; celebrate all of your happenings this past year.  Cheers to 2015! Brittany Baughman is the Community Relations Coordinator at Webster University in Greenville.  She is responsible for the recruiting and public relations activities of the campus, as well as managing social media, planning all campus events, and implementing local marketing initiatives.  She and her husband, Jonathan, live in Greenville and stay busy spoiling their 1-year-old Lab/Spaniel mix, Darla.  Brittany serves on the 2014 PULSE Marketing Committee as the YP Perspective blogger and coordinates the blog posting for PULSE.


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