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In Business: The Corner Cube

Posted by: Julie Alexander on Monday, January 26, 2015

The Corner Cube assists with two components of Microsoft Excel; consulting and education.  The consulting covers everything from designing Excel spreadsheets that meet an individual customer’s needs to helping with existing spreadsheets.  They can help with minor tweaks to improve performance up through major redesigns. The education component of The Corner Cube offers several options.  They can come to you and educate you or your staff in use of Excel to maximize efficiency with the spreadsheets you are currently using or on general Excel practices.  They will also offer classes locally initially and later expand their reach.  They will also offer online learning videos that can be purchased as an individual or a group, and will be able to be purchased from their website in the near future.  Each series will cover different topics and include a worksheet for the learner to follow along with at their own pace. At The Corner Cube, the friendly staff can meet the needs of the individual who just wants to improve their Excel skills or who may need them for college classes.  They can also help the small business owner who doesn’t have a subject matter expert to handle their Excel challenges.  Larger businesses can benefit from their supplemental training to improve quality of employee work and improve employee job satisfaction.  Human Resource Departments may benefit from having a new way for employees and new hires to enhance and expand their Excel skills to meet their high expectations. We invite anyone who has questions or would like a free one hour consultation to give them a call.  Let The Corner Cube help you Excel!


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