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BI-LOcal: See Your Products on BI-LO Shelves

Posted by: Megan Campbell on Wednesday, March 11, 2015

BI-LOcal Supplier Event

When: Thursday, April 16th

Where: BI-LO store #5661

120 Hwy 14, Simpsonville, SC 29681

BI-LO will hold a local supplier event Thursday, April 16th. This initiative allows local suppliers to pitch their products to BI-LO executives in hopes of their goods being featured in local BI-LO stores. BI-LO is seeking suppliers to provide products in the finished good, pre-packaged, general merchandise and produce categories, including:
  • Sauces, salsas and marinades
  • Packaged mixes, spices and rubs
  • Packaged frozen foods
  • Bottled, canned or packaged beverages
  • Cleaning products
  • Health and beauty products
  • GM (pots, pans, brooms, seasonal toys...etc)
  • Fresh Local Produce (Fruits and Vegetables)
Commitment to Local BI-LO is committed to connecting customers with highly innovative suppliers and engaging with the communities it serves. This initiative is especially helpful for local companies that would normally be overlooked due to size and lack of experience working with large retailers. BI-LO strives to bring the personal touch by selecting unique products in individual markets based on what resonates with their customer base. See Your Products on BI-LO Shelves To get your products on BI-LO shelves, email expressing interest in becoming involved with the BI-LOcal event. Be sure to provide complete vendor contact information. BI-LO will respond with additional details. All non-Fresh products must have a UPC and be delivered Direct Store Delivery (DSD) by the supplier. All suppliers will need to complete the following in order to qualify for consideration: 1. W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number Certification 2. Indemnification Agreement 3. Company and product overview: this should contain company brief history, size, number of employees, financial summary, current customers, product description, how manufactured, how distributed, safety certifications 4. Provide 3 samples of your product Spread the Word Everyone wins when we buy local. Know a potential supplier that would be a great fit? Share the news today! For more information on this initiative, contact Nika White at 864-239-3727.


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