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In Business: SOS Thrift Store

Posted by: Megan Campbell on Monday, March 23, 2015
Support Outreach Services (SOS) Thrift Store is now open at 110  S. Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville! SOS is a 501(C)(3) non-profit Christian organization that provides financial support for local and overseas missionaries as well as local nonprofit agencies by providing quality resell products at discount prices through the SOS Thrift Stores, by keeping valuable items out of our landfills and recycling usable merchandise. SOS was organized by Sharon Davis in 2006, just after she and her family returned from the mission field in Brazil and experienced firsthand the importance of financial support from home (she also recalled the two trucks loads of items they donated to charity as well as the money raised by selling things they no longer needed). Word began to spread that SOS was collecting donations to begin a thrift store, and that the profits would help support missionaries abroad. When donations overran the Davis home in March, 2007, SOS rented warehouse space and eventually opened its first retail location later that year. By partnering with other non-profit agencies, the SOS Thrift Stores serve as “sharehouses” for clothing, household and personal care items provided free of charge by vouchers to clients of other non-profit organizations. Instead of stockpiling their own supply of needed items, the partner non-profits are able to focus on the things they do best for their clients. The SOS Thrift Stores gives back to the local community by offering quality merchandise at a low cost and by providing employment opportunities. In addition, the recycling programs promoted by SOS have a positive impact on our environment and our children’s future. Welcome to Greenville, SOS! ­


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