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Meet Rionne Ridgeway, New Investor Relations Specialist

Posted by: Rionne Ridgeway on Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Retention (the act of retaining)-that’s my mantra. The definition of retain is “to continue to hold or have; to keep in mind; remember; to hold in place or position.” (Can you tell I used to teach English?) Retention is a constant of my life. I’ve retained my hometown. It is Greenville, South Carolina.  (I actually went to Pelham Road Elementary, so my roots run deep here).  I’ve retained my marriage and my friendships.  (I am very protective of those I love). I’ve retained my church. (I’ve been a member of Berea First Baptist since I was three months old). I’ve retained my animals- most of which have come into my life unsolicited (three dogs, one feral cat, one turtle, and one mouse. Yes, I have a mouse- on purpose!) I have retained my address for almost 15 years as well as the precious slice of the planet that is our yard which is now abloom with daffodils that go back 300 years (the bulbs were passed down to me from my 98 year old Grandmother who got them from her grandmother- cool huh?). I have worked at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce since 2011. Now, as Investor Relations Champion for the Greenville Chamber I hope to retain you! My new role here is more centered on customer service because the Greenville Chamber is committed to retaining our investors.  It’s important that we transition from having “members” to having “investors” because that’s what belonging to your Greenville Chamber is- an investment.  It’s an investment in your business.  It’s an investment in your community. Really, it’s an investment in your future and the future of all of us who work and play here.  If you are an investor in the Greenville Chamber of Commerce you will be seeing me- perhaps at Business After Hours April 14th.  If you have questions about how your investment can best serve you, I will be happy to schedule an appointment.  We could always meet here at the Greenville Chamber in one of our great meeting spaces and have some coffee. I want to learn more about you and your business- your struggles and your successes.  Remember, retention is my mantra, so get ready! Contact me today at 864-239-3756 or


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