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Our Work is Not Done

Posted by: Jason Zacher on Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Fix our Aging Infrastructure is the Chamber’s top priority for 2015. It was our top priority in 2014. As business leaders, we’re always criticizing elected officials for not moving swiftly or resolutely enough. “They need more business sense,” we say. “They need to run government like a business,” is the cry from many conservatives. Last week, the House strongly approved a $430 million transportation funding plan. The debate was not without controversy, and we still have some concerns with the legislation. All sides took the debate seriously, and even those members who voted no understand the challenge we face. We asked our local legislators to vote for the bill because we needed to move this debate forward before we lost another year. We can’t ask our legislators to take tough votes without following through on our end. So today, we’re asking for a few more minutes of your time. We thank the 24 Upstate House members who voted for the bill. Please click on their names to send them a personal email to thank them for their vote on H. 3579: Chairwoman Rita Allison, Majority Leader Bruce Bannister, Rep. Chandra Dillard, Rep. Phyllis Henderson, Rep. Dwight Loftis, and Rep. Leola Robinson-Simpson. Anytime a public official votes for higher taxes, it is a difficult vote – no matter how much the revenue is desperately needed. In this case, decades of neglect have left our roads in a terrible position. In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location. The same goes for business. Our position at the junction of Interstate 85, Interstate 385, and Interstate 26 leaves us in a great logistical business position. Many communities are dying to have a single interstate to help commerce. We’re a 1-day drive from tens of millions of customers and three hours from a major port. But the best location, lowest taxes, and hardest working employees in the world don’t matter for much if you can’t get your goods to market. The battle to fix our infrastructure isn’t over. This bill now heads to the Senate, almost surely a House-Senate Conference Committee, and then to the Governor’s desk. Governor Haley promised a veto of the House plan this week. A small, but vocal minority will use every minute of their time defeating this critical bill. We say all the time that the business community must get involved. Send a quick note today to the six Greenville House members and thank them for their hard work.


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