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Congratulations Leadership Greenville Class 41!

Posted by: Marion Mann on Friday, May 22, 2015
Leadership Greenville's 41st Class adjourned with a graduation ceremony  yesterday evening. It's hard to find the words to describe all that we learned and experienced, and the new and/or greatly enhanced  connections we made. It is especially difficult to ponder where we're going from here... but our class speaker, Frances Poe (the first female voted by the class to speak since Class 28!), summed it up beautifully... We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t think Greenville was great. We just want it to be better. But the problem with knowing the truth is that you cannot un-know it. You can no longer sit ideally by asking “why isn’t something getting done? Why isn’t someone dealing with mental health or our roads, or education”? The answer is because WE ARE THE SOMEBODY. And it is not just the people who are graduating tonight. It is everyone in this room. We watched a great Ted Talk early in the year about starting a movement. The speaker showed this crazy guy dancing - the kind of guy that you point and laugh at. This guy was just a nut case dancing until someone else joined him and then two were dancing. But with two people it didn’t look so crazy so other people felt comfortable following and then there was a mass of people dancing like crazy. We learned in this video that leadership is not just the first person to do something but also the first one to join the crazy dancer. Be that person that dances with the lone person and helps start a movement. Be the person that sees an issue, sees the person, and goes up to dance with them. You may look crazy, but we need a little more crazy. We need more people that see a problem, think they have a solution and then go for it. We need people that are not concerned about if they are going to get reelected but instead are going to fight for what is right. We need people that are going to take chances and run for office even though that means leaving their comfortable job. We need people who will spend time with agencies instead of just writing a check. We need people who are willing to name that the Confederate Flag on the State House may mean heritage to one, but it also means a loss of economic development to others and continues to divide people. We need people who aren’t happy with the status quo. And we need each other. So go out there and dance even if you are scared you are going to be out there alone. Because you are not alone, you have 55 other crazy dancers right behind you. So watch out Greenville, we are ready to dance! Thank you, Frances - and Congratulations Leadership Greenville Class of 41!


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