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In Business: Spinx

Posted by: Megan Campbell on Wednesday, June 24, 2015
A new Spinx recently opened at 901 Marue Drive, Greenville. Your friendly neighborhood store is conveniently located across from the Greenville Health System’s downtown location. On-hand to celebrate were the Spinx team and associates, including founder Stewart Spinks. [caption id="attachment_1951" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Fun Fact: Spinx is a little bit of word play. Stewart Spinks founded the company in 1972 - Spinx and Spinks sound the same, but the original logo included an Egyptian Sphinx."][/caption] For over 40 years, Spinx has continued to offer safe, clean environments and multiple "fueling" products - from gasoline to value products to fresh food service. Area shoppers were even able to enjoy in-store samplings, as well as special deals and activities to celebrate the occasion. The Spinx Company is continuing to grow, with over 70 convenience stores in South Carolina and 1,400 associates. Check out the new store today to see how the Marue Drive location is “Making Life Easier!”


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