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Take 5 Oil Change is FOR REAL!

Posted by: Marion Mann on Tuesday, September 8, 2015
What a terrific experience I had at Take 5 Oil Change! We watched the happy owners and new employees cut ribbon together and took pictures like we usually do, but since I'm heading out for a road trip later this week, I decided to try and save some time and get my oil changed there instead of my usual spot. I know you probably have questions like I did, so here are my answers:
  • Did I really get to stay in my car? YES!
  • Did they offer me a cold beverage? YES!
  • Did they give me a short run down of what they were up to in there? YES!
  • Did they top off other fluids, plus check my tires and more? YES!
  • Was it the fastest oil change I've EVER gottten? YES!
  • Did I get the special $10 off? YES!
Not only all that, but the Staff were all super knowledgeable AND friendly - AND they'll do top-offs for free for the next 5500 miles... so YES - I now have a new go-to for oil changes. Thanks Take 5 - I'm super glad I took 5 and can spend the rest of my spare time this week packing and planning for my trip! Below is some more official info about Take 5. The main things you need to know are that they're at 117 State Park Rd across from Cherrydale Point and that they're offering $10 off until the end of September.
Take 5 Oil Change has been providing quality drive-thru oil changes for over 30 years and is pleased to announce their newest location in Greenville. Take 5 Oil Change operates over 60 locations across the Southeast and makes automotive maintenance extremely convenient and hassle-free. They specialize in fast oil changes and basic automotive maintenance so the customer can count on fast and friendly service with no need to worry about being sold unnecessary repairs.
Their Cherrydale location opened in August. While you sit in your car enjoying a free soft drink, bottled water, or a juice box for the kids, their certified technicians will complete the oil change, a multi-point inspection, free vital fluid top offs (where applicable), and adjust tire pressures in a company-wide average of under 8 minutes - all while keeping your car under warranty. They change your oil, not your schedule.


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