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The Chamber Works For You….#LocalMatters

Posted by: John Kimbrell on Friday, September 25, 2015
This past week the Greenville Chamber celebrated Local Business Week. Our mindset for our locally-owned businesses is shared every week, but this week our focus was on the impact local business plays in the overall Greenville community.  I strongly believe that the Greenville Chamber works for business and this week we literally worked for them as members of the Chamber staff took time out of their schedules to work with some of Greenville’s best. It was an eye-opening experience and an experience that we will continue for weeks to come.  Below are some of the lessons we learned and points of inspiration we experienced as a staff during this rewarding initiative. Communications Coordinator, Megan Sherard:  “When staff rallies together and is excited about the work they’re doing, it shows! It shows in the quality of their work, it shows in their increased engagement, and that excitement is in turn mirrored by the community!” Special Projects Manager, Jennifer Powell worked at Alfonso Interpreting & Transporting: “When translating languages, you  must understand the heart of the message in order to properly convey it—direct translations don’t always work!” Vice President of Investor Relations, Lorraine Woodward worked at Batteries Plus Bulbs: “No matter what type of business you are in whether it’s selling chamber investments or batteries, bulbs, and more the biggest difference comes from people who love what they do.” Vice President of Economic Competitiveness, Hank Hyatt worked at FunnelDelicious: “Working at FunnelDelicious included a bit of sweet, a bit of fun and a lot of smiling faces.  I learned that there is a lot of work that goes into developing a creative menu, a positive customer experience and a strong brand.  While we may enjoy the end product, the owners and staff enjoy delivering that to their customers.” Business Growth Manager, Tripp James worked at Fleet Feet Sports: “I learned there’s an amazing, close-knit running community in Greenville which is extremely loyal to its convener, Fleet Feet Sports, a thriving local small business with outstanding leadership. Together these folks are promoting good health, fitness, and giving back to the city they love all while having fun.” Leadership Development Director, Tami Miller worked at Always Best Senior Care Services: “The services provided by this small organization have an enormous impact on the lives of the family caring for senior adults.  This organization conducts business with a mission focus in serving their clients and community.  I was reminded that we all should seek a servant heart in our daily responsibilities and in serving our stakeholders.” Vice President of Advocacy, Jason Zacher worked at Two Men and a Truck: “We have enthusiastic people doing great work chasing their dreams every day in Greenville and big companies may get the headlines, but smaller companies are driving our growth.” And what I learned, (in addition to the fact that wearing loafers is not a suitable shoe for movers) what I already knew that small and local businesses are not only the lifeblood of the Greenville Chamber, they are the lifeblood of Greenville and the country.  They are the heart and soul of what makes Greenville great! I hope you continue to support our locally-owned businesses and my pledge to you is that the Greenville Chamber will continue to work for your business.


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