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Behind Every Great Company is a Great CEO: Jordon Construction Company Recognized as Small Business of the Month

Posted by: Nika White on Monday, September 28, 2015
A few years ago while at the Talented Tenth Conference, I had the opportunity to sit next to a gentleman by the name of James Jordon (Jordon with an “o” as he likes to point out). James was quiet, yet confident and certainly on the cusp of greater success than he had already achieved. I did not realize at that time, that I was meeting an astute business man that I would come to admire and call friend. Just this past week, James accomplished yet another milestone to add to many other accolades. His company, Jordon Construction Company (JCC) was named the Greenville Chamber September 2015 Small Business of the Month. As President and CEO of JCC,  James, is also the Greenville Chamber 2014 Minority Business of the Year, SC Black Pages Top 40 Under 40, Talented Tenth Top 10 Professionals, and recently recognized by Greenville Business Magazine as Best and Brightest 35 and Under. If I sound like a proud big sis, it’s because that’s how I feel. What I’m most proud of is James’ personal values deeply rooted in conviction and integrity. He’s one of those that every mother wishes would mentor her son. In a round table discussion at a dinner event one night, when asked about talents and skills, James’ response was, “I can do a mean pony tail,” in thinking about his beautiful daughters. He didn’t focus on the fact that he owns and operates JCC, a company that provides residential and commercial construction services with a niche in interior renovation. He didn’t even focus attention on his non-profit, Jordon Foundation, which exists to eradicate poverty through education. Rather, he focused on what motivates him to do the things he does with a spirit of excellence…his girls. James has over fifteen years of experience in the construction industry while currently managing a certified, minority-owned business specializing in commercial construction that entails private, public and government projects. JCC create customized and aesthetically unique build-outs that serve the functionality and needs of their clients. Since arriving in Greenville, his ambition and drive to succeed in the industry led James to become a participant in the Greenville Chamber’s Minority Business Accelerator Program, designed to grow minority owned firms. This past year, James was featured in the Upstate Business Journal for his outstanding entrepreneurship and diligence in business. Entrepreneurial in spirit, Jordon is a charismatic leader who understands the heartbeat of business, the importance of developing working partnerships with clients like the Greenville Housing Authority and Greenville County Schools, but also giving back to his industry by facilitating educational workshops, promoting diversity in business, and sponsoring entrepreneurial initiatives for youth through The Jordon Foundation. The Jordon Companies portfolio includes interests in businesses operating in real estate development, and construction services. He is privileged to work with an exceptional team that is extremely talented and the driving force behind the company’s success. James is no doubt propelling JCC towards regional and national expansion. Get to know James and you will feel like you’ve met a new friend too. Find out more by browsing the JCC website. The Greenville Chamber highly recommends it!


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