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Call Your Senators Today!

Posted by: Katie Busbee on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Senate could begin debate on the “Infrastructure Finance Reform and Tax Relief Act” as early as this morning.

The time is now. The debate has already taken long enough. With our roads crumbling, and becoming more costly to repair each day, time is precious. It has been 308 days since the House sent H. 3579 to the Senate.

Please take five minutes today to call your Senator. Click here to find your Senator. His contact information is below.

If you call, tell them that you appreciate their service on this issue, and:

  1. We can't grow our 21st Century economy with a crumbling 20th Century infrastructure,
  2. It is unacceptable that we have the second-deadliest roads in the country,
  3. We need sustainable, recurring, and substantial new funding for roads,
  4. We need a comprehensive plan soon, and
  5. It’s time to compromise and solve this problem once and for all.

If you send an email:

“As members of the business community, we make compromises every day that strengthen our companies and communities. We ask that you, as our elected leader, work with your fellow Senators to reach a compromise on procuring long-term, sustainable funding for our infrastructure. The longer the Senate refuses to debate the bill, the less likely the Legislature and Governor will be able to reach a roads agreement this year.

“Thank you for your service to our state, and thank you for working hard to resolve one of our state’s biggest challenges.”


Here is the contact information for each of Greenville’s senators:

Sen. Tom Corbin [R]

Columbia: (803) 212-6100

Greenville: (864) 834-9915


Sen. Mike Fair [R]

Columbia: (803) 212-6420

Greenville: (864) 246-4257


Sen. Karl Allen [D]

Columbia: (803) 212-6040

Greenville: (864) 235-9049


Sen. Ross Turner [R]

Columbia: (803) 212-6148

Greenville: (864) 288-9513


Sen. Danny Verdin, III [R]

Columbia: (803) 212-6230

Upstate: (864) 984-4129


Sen. Lee Bright [R]

Columbia: (803) 212-6008

Upstate: (864) 978-9522


Sen. Shane Martin [R]

Columbia: (803) 212-6100

Upstate: (864) 804-8499


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