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Friday Forum featuring Brandon Maye Takeaway

Posted by: Megan Campbell on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Everyone wants the prize, but so few people actually buy-in to the required process. Brandon Maye is trying to change that.

Brandon is a former Clemson University football standout. Brandon received All-American Honors as a freshman and went on to attain his bachelor's degree cum laude. After completing his time with Clemson, he transferred to Mississippi State where he continued football and furthered his education, graduating with a master's degree in Human Resources.

In 2011, Brandon entered the NFL Draft and was brought to mini-camp by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; however, due to sustaining a career-ending Achilles injury, Brandon was not able to pass the in-depth NFL physical.

It’s precisely this seemingly unfortunate turn of events that inspired Brandon to “discover his real calling and real, true purpose.” He set out to inspire others to maximize their potential through his work as a motivational speaker, life coach, and bestselling author. In fact, Brandon had a cast on his leg from his Achilles reconstructive surgery when he wrote his first book. Brandon attributes much of his success to his ability to stay positive and enjoy the ride, even when it’s an arduous process. Brandon shared some lessons he’s learned along the way to help him better appreciate the process before he gets the prize.

Grandma’s Gumbo

Following Brandon’s brief stint in the NFL, the Mobile, Alabama-native returned home. In true Gulf coast fashion, Brandon compares the process to his grandmother’s gumbo. He recalls the amount of time it took her to make the gumbo. She would wake up early in the morning to get started and the process would take all day. “Greatness takes time,” says Brandon. “It’s not a quick and easy process.” You should dial into it anyway because the metaphorical prize is some delicious grandma’s gumbo.

Moving Mountains

For Brandon, dialing into the process requires you to view it differently. See your desirable outcomes, think it, believe in it, and you can change the world. “Speak to your mountains,” says Brandon. “On the other side of that mountain is peace.” It’s all about perspective.

Knowing Your "Why"

An important step in being able to fully buy-in to the process is “knowing your why.” “Why are you doing it? What is your purpose?” asks Brandon. “Your whole company needs to know it,” he adds. When you discover your why, you are able to bring energy and passion to the workplace. Throughout Brandon’s football career, his why was his family, especially his mother. “That’s why I beat out three seniors. Why I played with so much passion. I showed up every single day.”

Never Giving Up

“As a business owner, you have days where you want to give up. Maybe your company isn’t operating like you want, but you’ve got to bring energy because your energy is contagious. Don’t give up. This is just the beginning.” When Brandon didn’t at first get drafted into the NFL, he felt like giving up. He told his stepfather, who first introduced him to football, that he hated him. He had a master’s degree because of his love of football, and yet in a moment of weakness he was not able to see the bigger picture, the bigger purpose. “Don’t put a period where God wants to put a comma.”

Burning the Ships

Brandon told the story of conquistadors who burned their ships so they would have no option but to fight and succeed, there was no turning back and no running away. What ships do you have in your life that you need to burn? These can be the “what if’s” and the “just in cases” that are holding you back. Remember that you chose your path, there are no “go-backs.”

Brandon’s story is inspiring and his energy is contagious. I challenge you to think about the ships in your life that are holding you back. Sometimes, desperation-mode is needed in order for one to totally buy-in to the process. Keep in mind that when you learn to appreciate the process, there’s a big pot of grandma’s gumbo at the end of the tunnel.

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