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Run, Donít Walk, to the Polls on June 28th

Posted by: Katie Busbee on Monday, June 27, 2016

If you voted in the local June 14th primaries, Congratulations! You were part of the 14% of registered voters in Greenville County that did. If you couldn’t make it out to the polls that day (Euro 2016 soccer, O.J. Made in America, vacation, we understand), you can still vote in the June 28th runoff elections!

Most races on the ballot in the primaries were won outright, but there are a few that require a runoff. A runoff is required when no candidate in the race gets 50 percent of the vote, which is typical in races with three or more candidates. The more crowded the race, the harder it is to get to that 50 percent mark. Therefore, the top two candidates with the most votes from the primary are forced into a runoff.

ANYBODY can vote in Tuesday’s Republican runoffs – unless you voted in a Democratic primary on June 14th. So even if you didn’t vote in the first round, you can still show up and exercise your right this week!

Below are the runoffs in Greenville that you’ll want to show up to vote in on June 28th, along with links to their websites or Facebook pages.

Greenville County

Senate 6 Senate 12 County Council 25 County Council 21 Sheriff
William Timmons Lee Bright (i) Ennis Fant Rick Roberts Steve Loftis (i)
Mike Fair (i) Scott Talley Lottie Gibson (i) Stacey Kuper Will Lewis

Runoffs have very low voter turnout, mostly because they’re just two weeks after the primaries, and because a lot of people that vote in the primaries don’t realize there candidate is even in a runoff! That’s why it’s more important than ever that you put it on your calendar, IN ALL CAPS, in red, and make sure you make it to the polls. If you’re wondering why it’s so important to vote in the primaries anyways, we can tell you why here.

So put in on your calendar, go exercise your right as a citizen, and wear your “I voted” sticker around all day to remind all your coworkers.

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