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Greenville’s world-class Main Street sets us apart — but don't take our word for it

Posted by: Marion Mann on Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Everyone who lives in Greenville knows that our world-class main street and beautiful parks are what set us apart from other cities. Places like this are part of what makes Greenville unique, and why so many of us love living here.

These vibrant, dynamic places are a great place to spend an evening or an afternoon. They are also a crucial part of our city’s economy, and an increasingly important way our city competes in today’s global marketplace. A new national report explains why places like this are so important, and how Greenville is leading the nation in creating them.

Amazing Place: Six Cities Using the New Recipe for Economic Development is a new report out today from national nonprofit Smart Growth America. It looks at how Greenville, as well as Boise, Denver, Minneapolis, Nashville, and Pittsburgh are using place-based strategies to attract new residents, new jobs, and new investment, as well as support existing businesses and nurture entrepreneurs.

With the City’s panache in the art of public private partnerships and a focus toward making Greenville’s Main Street an economic centerpiece,  downtown has grown to become a super-regional cultural entertainment and arts hub with national renown .All of this has helped Greenville become a place where people want to live, work, start a business, and invest. 

This trend represents a marked shift in the broader field of economic development. Where cities once relied principally on subsidies or low tax rates in hopes of luring big employers, now they are doing everything they can to create great places. Smart growth strategies like zoning changes, incentives for infill development, policies to make a range of housing available, street improvements, investments in transit, support for public parks and gathering spaces, and creative reuse of historic buildings are among the new, innovative ways cities are creating the places people and companies want to be. This new approach to economic development can help communities create diverse and durable local economies that last beyond the lifecycle of any one employer.

We’re incredibly proud of the diverse, energetic place Greenville is today, Smart Growth America’s new report showcases that to other cities across the country. We’re excited to be recognized as a model for other places to follow, and to continue to make Greenville an even better place to live and work in years to come.

Visit to see the full report.


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