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Minority Business Accelerator Highlights

Posted by: Nika White on Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Greenville Chamber’s Minority Business Accelerator Program helps accelerate the development of high potential minority business enterprises (MBEs) to strengthen and expand the regional minority entrepreneurial community. Occasionally, we spotlight the participating companies and their success stories.


And here are a few general highlights regarding the MBA program.

  • Access to opportunities remain strong;
  • MBE-to-MBE Relationships are strong - five key strategic partnerships have been formed in the program, which have netted significant number of opportunities;
  • Coaching relationships are very strong; have more than double the number of coaches in the program, which has streamlined our efforts greatly, and improved the overall capabilities of participating MBEs. All participants have an assigned coach, and through these relationships all of established executable business development plans, aimed at building capacity and accelerating growth.
  • MBE Retention and Recruitment has more than doubled net portfolio size since 2014, going from 13 MBEs to nearly 29. MBA brand starting to unfold on a local, and regional basis. An increase in the interest level is driving a pipeline of prospects for the program.
  • We are also seeing a high level of interest from other Chamber Investors, as well as large corporations wanting to partner with the program, as coaches and advisors…this greatly increases the marketability of the program going forward

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