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Results from the Leadership Greenville Alumni Survey

Posted by: Marion Mann on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Survey results courtesy of Russell Stall, LG Facilitator

An organization can improve only if it understands its clientele and what they want out of the organization. A couple months ago, we sent out an invitation to our alumni to participate in the Leadership Greenville Alumni Survey. We asked, you responded.

Out of almost 2000 Leadership Greenville Alumni, we have about 750 with valid email addresses. Of those emails we sent out, 321 alumni completed the survey – 16% of all graduates and 43% of those with good email addresses. LG Alumni want to be heard and want their opinions known.

The Findings

93% say the Leadership Greenville class year experience was “Life Changing” or “Outstanding”
An astounding 98% say you would recommend Leadership Greenville to others. Virtually all alumni understand and appreciate the value of the experience. Some of the words used most often to describe the LG experience are eye-opening, engaging, informative, education, enlightening, and connecting. Few, if any, used negative words to describe Leadership Greenville.

Leadership Greenville has a powerful impact on the community.
Three-fourths look at Greenville differently than before, and developed relationships with Greenville community leaders. Almost two out of three are more engaged in Greenville, and half better understand themselves as leaders and discovered issues they are passionate about.

Membership to the LG Alumni Association needs to be better marketed.
Two-thirds of respondents are members of the alumni association, with a large portion not knowing if you are or not members. The primary reason for non-membership is “not being asked” or not receiving a renewal letter. Few are not members because the programming is not interesting or just because “I am not interested,” 9% and 11% respectively.

Interestingly, there is some value in membership. 42% believe the current dues of $100 with all events being free is fair. 21% would like a reduced membership and pay some events, and 37% would like membership to be free. Only those who attend events should pay for events.

Additional membership benefits will make being part of the Alumni Association more meaningful.
Most would like the Alumni Assocaition to create a web-based directory of alumni, offer “lab” opportunities, host a summit around issues and create programs to match alumni with community organizations. Respondents do not want the Alumni Association to host fundraising events, mail a newsletter, host family friendly activities, or even reduce the cost of membership.


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