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In Business: Youth Center at Mitchell Road Christian Academy

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Posted by: Megan Campbell on Friday, September 23, 2016

Mitchell Road Christian Academy recently celebrated the opening of their brand new Youth Center.

The multi-purpose facility features a state-of-the-art gym, multi-purpose youth rooms, a conference center, concessions, and offices for the athletic department and youth ministry staff.

The Youth Center is used for Mitchell Road Christian Academy PE classes and middle school athletic events, such as league volleyball and basketball games. The Youth Center also hosts urban basketball ministries like Center Court and adult athletic ministries for members of Mitchell Road.

It is also home for the vibrant student ministries of Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church.  Every week approximately one thousand students and families in the community are impacted by evening youth group programs, small groups, retreats, overnight mission trips, morning Bible studies, prayer groups, game nights, and classes.

Mitchell Road Christian Academy has a tradition of academic excellence and character education for close to forty five years on the east side of Greenville! The Academy endeavors to complement the home and the church in promoting the students' spiritual growth, academic training, physical growth, and social development.

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