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UST Logistics Relocates Headquarters to Downtown Greenville

Posted by: Hank Hyatt on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Starting today, you will see some new faces on One Main Plaza. UST Logistics cut the ribbon with a rather large and enthusiastic group of employees on their new 6,2000 square-foot-space at 103 N. Main Street. UST will be relocating about 35 employees from outside the market and will be hiring another 15 or so to meet their growing customer demand.

UST logistics specializes in last-mile delivery solutions for major retailers across the U.S. If you have had furniture delivered from a store like Ashley Home Stores, hhgregg or Conns, chances are that the delivery may have been coordinated by and executed through UST Logistics.

Having spent some time with their leadership, I can say that the firm is a very youthful company with a technology focus. With their strong company culture combined with the amenities offered by being located downtown, we think that UST Logistics will soon become an employer of choice in our market.

Having more small to mid-size headquarter firms like UST in Greenville will only help the community’s growing reputation as a community open for business.

Welcome, UST Logistics!



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