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Sales Roundtable Recap: The 5 Secrets of Top Performers with Carlos Quintero

Posted by: Chamber Investor on Friday, October 21, 2016

In an engaging 1 hour presentation at the Greenville Chamber on October 19, 2016,  Carlos Quintero, founder of Sales Effectiveness, Inc. shared what his company’s research suggests are The 5 Secrets of Top Prospectors. Here are the highlights:

The 5 Secrets of Top Prospectors

Secret #1 - Transform Your Mindset
How do top sales performers think? What are their mindsets? What mental habits do they practice that allow them to achieve more than their peers?

In sales, mindsets are important. They signify how top producers approach their work with prospects. Top prospectors see themselves as Change Agents. They see themselves as the spark to help customers accomplish their most important business goals. They are problem finders and value seekers. They help the customer see their situation, or a potential development, in a completely different light.

Secret #2 - Target & Focus

Top Prospectors are fanatical about first defining and then pursuing targets that meet their stringent criteria. They are obsessive about building and continually refining a database of truly qualified targets for what they offer. They concentrate on where opportunity exists or where opportunity can be cultivated.

Secret #3 - Disciplined, Relentless, Consistent

Top Prospectors are relentless and disciplined. They realize that if they don't spend time prospecting daily, their pipeline will dry up and that drives failure.

Prospecting is all about interrupting. Success in prospecting requires you to need to have the mindset of an interruptor. Think of it along the lines of 'I am looking forward to this conversation because I have something of value to give you.' The telephone is the most important interruption tool.

The best prospectors establish a system of scheduling prospecting time blocks 2-3 times per day. Time blocks are 1 hour segments each day where your focus is just on doing outbound calls, without any disruptions or distractions.

Secret #4 - Energize Your Message

Top Prospectors fine tune their message, and help it come alive by being experts at asking the right questions. They know how to make value statements or ask provocative questions to trigger conversations.

Top Prospectors know how to communicate and leverage the results they have had with other customers. They use existing customers to speak to their capability and to give testimonials of their work. They know how to define their value to a customer and make a compelling business for their solution.

Secret #5 - Track & Measure

Top Prospectors are driven by their pipeline. They create a simple pipeline spreadsheet where they can list, see and track their opportunities daily. They check it consistently, as having a visual representation of their pipeline daily helps them stay motivated towards moving opportunities through the sales cycle.


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