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In Business: DetailXPerts of Greenville

Posted by: Marion Mann on Thursday, December 8, 2016

We were (well, mainly I was) SOOOO fortunate to have our new Investors from DetailXPerts of Greenville have their ribbon cutting ceremony at the Chamber and show us their AMAZING auto detailing skills. My car wasn't this clean when I bought it! And all I had to do was work in my office while they did it because they come to you!

We had the honor of meeting the company's founder and CEO Emmanuel Williams. He told me the story about the day he was sitting on his porch with his then 8-year-old son Emmanuel Jr. watching cars go by while talking about the world and the environment. Emmanuel Jr. had an epiphany and asked: “Hey dad, why don’t you wash cars with steam?” It all started with that question… For years after that Emanuel Sr. used his engineering knowledge to test and improve the steam cleaning process until he perfected it and patented the technology that uses a single pint of water to clean an entire car! In a world that has so many places hurting for water, the patent-pending steam cleaning technology he's developed is critical to our environment - and people are paying attention as he is landing HUGE corporate contracts all over the WORLD.

A little more about them...

DetailXPerts is the world’s first eco-friendly carwash and detailing franchise. Our friend Lisette Pirtle has opened the franchsie for Greenville. DetailXPerts utilizes a patent-pending steam cleaning technology that allows them to clean an average sized car with only one pint of water. This company is committed to saving the environment one vehicle at a time, not only through water conservation, but also by using biodegradable cleaning products and solutions. DetailXPerts of Greenville is serving the Upstate with services on a commercial and residential level.

DetailXPerts is not only concerned about the environment, but they are committed to offering the highest quality of service. Their mobile detailing units come onsite with their own power source, cleaning tools, and the vapor steamers needed to loosen dirt and grime on both the interior and exterior of vehicles. Their process does more than just clean and sanitize vehicles, it restores the original showroom finish.  

On a commercial level, DetailXPerts fleet services include professional washing and detailing of cars, trucks, semi-trucks, boats, vans, buses, airplanes, and more.  Their mobile detailing units will provide the perfect solution for companies of all sizes in the Upstate looking for reliable, quality maintenance of their fleet vehicles.
Don't hesitate to call Mary at 864-729-4177 for an appointment. To learn more visit them at



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