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UCC Advocacy Day at the Statehouse: 5 Reasons to Go

Posted by: Katie Busbee on Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Wednesday, May 3rd  is our third annual Upstate Chamber Coalition Advocacy Day at the Statehouse – your opportunity as a Chamber Investor to storm the Statehouse, ready to meet with members and talk about policy that’s affecting your bottom line.

In reality, the day is much less Sherman-esque than it sounds (pitchforks and torches will not be allowed on the bus), but there are many reasons you should make the trip down to Columbia with us this year. Here’s 5:

  1. Hear from Experts on the State’s Most Important Topics: This year we’ve revamped our agenda for the day to include updates from experts on important policy affecting business. South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis will be coming to talk about South Carolina’s pension system and the monstrous unfunded liability that it faces – approximately $18 billion in unpaid pension benefits that the General Assembly will have to address. Attorney General Alan Wilson will speak to the group on important tort reform legislation that the Chamber has long advocated for, as well a number of important judicial elections to be decided this year. We’ll also have a panel of experts discuss one of the Coalition’s top legislative priorities: infrastructure funding.
  1. Meet with Members of the House and Senate: UCC Advocacy Day is a perfect opportunity to speak with legislators on issues that are important to you and your business. Or, if you don’t have a burning policy issue, it’s a great time to develop deeper relationships with them. We’ll have time built into the day for you set up individual meetings, or set up a lunch with a group of them.
  1. See how the Sausage is Made: For many, third grade might have been the last time you visited the Statehouse, and School House Rock: How a Bill Becomes a Law may have been your only primer on how a bill does, indeed, become a law. Seeing the legislative process up-close will give you a better understanding on how to effectively advocate for something your business may need.
  1. Wrap up the day with Food and Cocktails: Our trip to Columbia won’t be all work and no play – we’ll end the day with a Legislative Reception with members from all eight of our Legislative Delegations from across the Upstate, so if you didn’t get to catch a member earlier in the day, you can talk with them in a relaxed setting.
  1. Transportation is on us! Don’t feel like hitting all those potholes on the way down to Columbia? We’ll be chartering a bus from the Greenville Chamber to the Statehouse and back to make transportation easy. And in case you haven’t seen School House Rock in a while, no worries, we’ve got it on DVD.

To register for UCC Advocacy Day at the Statehouse and to see the agenda, please visit our event page here. For questions on sponsoring the day, please contact Katie Busbee.


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